Vegetarian Diet

Our vegetarian diet meal options were selected for those individuals who prefer to limit or avoid meat. Some of the vegetarian options include dairy or eggs, while others do not. It can difficult to find restaurants that offer vegetarian options. Many restaurants can offer side dishes instead of an actual meal. Often when there is a vegetarian option, it can be a pasta dish high in fat and carbohydrates. It can be a challenge for people on the vegetarian diet, and those wishing to dine with people on vegetarian diets, to find restaurants with well-rounded choices. Not all of our Jeat Rated restaurants offer meals for people avoid meat. The options may be a collection of side items. But by visiting our site first, you can know ahead of time if that restaurant is the right one for you! In general, all of the Vegetarian meal options are less than 2,000 mg of sodium and relatively lower in Carbohydrates than the average meal. This was calculated on specific nutrient information when provided by the restaurant. When specific nutrient information was not available, we picked the options that seemed to be a relatively lower Calorie, lower sodium and lower in Carbohydrates than other options. If sodium, carbohydrates and Calories are also a concern, please make sure you check a reduced Calorie diet, Low/reduced Carbohydrate diet and/or a low sodium diet.

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