About Jeatwell

The Story

Jeatwell (JEET-well) was started in 2009 as a way to help people eat healthier if eating in restaurants is part of their lifestyle. Many people eat in restaurants due to time constraints at work, on the way to work or on the way home. Other people eat fast food because it's affordable. More and more people are traveling for work and they eat in restaurants 3 meals a day until they return. Work events and meetings are often held at restaurants. If someone is trying to lose weight or follow a special diet, this can be frustrating and in most cases a lost cause.

Jeatwell was created by Judy Wolfe and is a part of One Source Wellness. One Source Wellness is a Nutrition Counseling Company that also focuses on other aspects of Wellness including physical fitness and stress reduction. One Source Wellness provides Consultants for Long Term Care Facilities, giving guidance on the nutritional care of patients, developing menus and nutrition policies. They also provide Corporate Wellness programs to improve employee satisfaction, reduce sicktime and healthcare costs.

About Judy

Judy Wolfe has been the Owner of One Source Wellness since 2002. Judy earned her BS in Food and Nutritional Sciences with a specialization in Human Nutrition and her MS in Nutritional Sciences combined with a Dietetic Internship from the University of Florida. She is a Registered Dietitian, ACE Certified personal Trainer and Yogafit trained yoga instructor. She has assisted in National weight loss pilot programs, developed low sodium protocols for grant funded programs, organized Dietetics conferences and presented posters at State Dietetics and National Biology Meetings. She is the lead Author of the article on her research on folate published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2003). She was a guest on the WJNO radio show (2005), the Dietitian for the Palm Beach Post and Publix Greenwise pantry makeover (2007) and on TV as the Dietitian for the High School Weight loss Challenge (2004). Anyone who knows Judy, knows she loves food! She loves cooking, grocery shopping, experimenting with flavors and trying new restaurants.

Judy has been known for her unique approach to wellness and nutrition, by making changes practical and long-lasting. Judy has created Jeatwell as a way to address the requests of her clients to help them follow their diet and nutrition needs, while still be able to enjoy their meals and dining out experience without stress, hassle or worry. Judy's personal philosophy is that eating should be enjoyable for everyone." Since Jeatwell was created in Atlanta, Georgia, the name was based on the notable Southern accent and hospitality. “When my Dad found out I was moving to Georgia, he would say that when I invited someone over my house, the proper question to ask is “Jeat yet?”. I guess it stuck with me and when thinking of a name for this site, “Do you eat well?” came to mind. It is usually one of the first questions someone asks me when they find out I’m a Dietitian. Just here in Georgia, it’s “Jeatwell?”.

About Cassie

Cassie Rowe, MS, RD, LD/N, received her Bachelors of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a specialization in Dietetics at the University of Florida, and then completed UF’s Combined Master of Science-Dietetic Internship program in 2012. She is currently exploring her career interests as a Research Study Coordinator at UF, an adjunct professor at Santa Fe College (teaching nutrition, of course), a pupil of Intuitive Eating as a nutrition counseling strategy, and most recently as a guest blogger at Jeatwell.com. She’s keenly interested in the relationship of food, mind, and body; and in her spare time (cough, cough), Cassie enjoys riding horses, cooking, hiking with her husband and dogs, and growin’ good stuff to eat.