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Season's 52 - An Obvious Choice?

Season's 52 seems like an obvious choice for someone who is counting their Calories. They have made a vow to keep all items on their menu under 475 Calories. That is great and we support that decision 100%. In our opinion, their food is actually really tasty too. Bonus! We love that their menu is seasonally inspired. This means that you are getting foods that are meant to be eaten at that time. For example, you get foods that boost your immune system in the winter. You also tend to get foods that are more local because they don't have to come from so far away to be available out of season. Maybe we are stating what is obvious but we want to write a few words of caution... just because every item on the menu is under 475 Calories - doesn't make your entire meal under 475 Calories! You can easily order an appetizer, entree and one of their enticing portion controlled desserts and eat close to 1500 Calories. For example, if you ordered the Mussel's Marinara appetizer, Rosemary Crisp Flatbread, Chicken Citron entree and the Mango Cheesecake for dessert, this would run you 1510 Calories, 3393 mg of sodium and 141 grams of Carbs. Though this wouldn't be a low Calorie meal, it is still much better than if you ordered several courses at a different restaurant. They offer gluten free low sodium and vegetarian (and even vegan) menus, which made our job here much easier! We suggest you try the Fish Tacos with Mixed Greens for the 1200 Calorie and Low Carb diets; the Oak-Grilled Filet with Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables and Mushrooms for the 1500 Calorie and Low Carb diets and the Tiger Shrimp Penne Pasta with the Fresh Fruit Dessert for the 1800 Calorie Diet. See the rest of our Season's 52 picks here.

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By Request - Beer

After our last blog about Chili's serving Schlitz, we had a request for a meal including a beer. What better restaurant to focus on then Gordon Biersch! We love that they have a vegetarian menu and also a gluten free menu. We noticed they have a "lighter side" menu - word to the wise - everything on it is over 500 Calories and a few items are over 700 Calories. The BBQ Chicken Flatbread (on the Lighter Side menu) also has 110 grams of carbs. Like many other restaurants, some of the salads are fairly high in Calories and sodium. The hummus and goat cheese salad with chicken has over 1700 Calories, 5100 mg of sodium, 146 grams of carbs and 86 grams of fat! Wowwy wow wow! We made you some good picks such as Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry with Asian Vegetables, which fits the 1200 Calorie and low carb diet. And.... for our special request we picked the BLT Flatbread and Seasonal Vegetables with a Marzen Beer. This fits our 1800 Calorie diet. Check out the rest of our Gordon Biersch picks here.

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Awww Schlitz! Chili's just Added!

A little Fun Fact about Chili's... for the first few years they were open, they only served Schlitz beer. Why? Because they were the only Beer Company willing to give credit to an up and coming restaurant. I'm wondering if they still sell it?? Chili's is a popular place in my home town. They have a great location in the movie theatre plaza making it a convenient meet up place before the movies. Also, and maybe more important - they have buy 1 get 1 free on beer everyday. Apparently that is not a nationwide deal - so don't go running into your local Chili's and expect the same thing. At any rate, it kept them busy. Chili's started in 1975 and they did offer 25 cent margarita's when they opened their first Atlanta location in 1981 - also not currently offered in the Atlanta location. Enough about the alcohol - we did review their food menu and they have some decent gluten free meals like the Lighter Choice Carne Asada Steak with Broccoli. Their healthy vegetarian options are limited but the Black Bean Burger is ok. Sodium seemed to be a limiting factor on our picks as we try to keep the sodium low on all of our choices and then even lower for the low sodium meals. See all of our Chili's picks here.

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3 Silly Questions

I've had several people ask me "silly" questions recently. I don't really believe there are silly questions. Except maybe "how long is a piece of string?". But even that, I could argue some validity.. exactly how long is it? But if one person asks a question, it's possible many more people have that same question. So, I decided to post a few of them, just in case.

1. I like your site and the search function, but I never remember to check the site before I leave my house when going out to eat. Do you have an app for my phone?

This question is definitely NOT silly! We are working on an app. But in the meantime, our site is accessible on any smart phone that has internet access. Just pull it up on your phone when you are out to eat and search away!

2. When I look at a list of meals at a particular restaurant, how do I know how many Calories in each meal?

Also, NOT silly! If you haven't checked which diet you are searching for, then go ahead and do it at any time. The list of results will adjust and you can add more diets or change them and the list will tell you your picks. Also, each diet has a ? next to it. You can hover your cursor over it to get a brief description of that diet or click on it for the full explanation. For example, if you are on a 1200 Calorie diet, each meal will have 400 Calories or less. If you want all the details for any meal, write us and we can send it.

3. How can we help you with your website?

Well this is the least Silly of them all! I'll take all the help I can get! Simply put...Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, co-workers about it. Somebody may know somebody who is on a gluten free diet and is also trying to eat healthy. Or somebody who is vegetarian, but also has Diabetes. Or just somebody interested in eating healthy or losing weight. If you like our site, like us on facebook. Share our posts on your Fb page. Or give us comments, feedback, restaurants requests, etc. But, especially, we LOVE to hear the success stories! We heard from one person last week that after one week of using the site, she lost 3# in one week. We can't get enough of that feedback!

Keep the "silly" questions coming!

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And the winner is....

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Starbucks - Better to eat there than to drink there?

Starbucks - you either love em or hate em! Some people line up for a Starbucks cup of joe daily while others refer to their coffee as Charbucks. They did take some heat in the past for the high Calorie amounts of their sweet caffeine fixes. However, their food menu doesn't look too bad. They do have lots of sweet treats as well, but overall, they have some decent options for people trying to eat healthy. You may just need to omit the coffee! Not sure that anyone goes to Starbucks for food and not coffee... If you went with any of their plain black coffee without any sugar or cream, it wouldn't be too bad (nutritionally speaking of course). Starbucks has been making an effort to improve their menu options. They state on their website "And you can feel good knowing that all of our foods are no more than 500 calories and free from unnecessary ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, dyes, and artificial trans fats." That is great news -and definitely does not apply to their beverages! A Venti peppermint white chocolate mocha without whipped cream will run you about 600 Calories. They have also made a commitment to reduce sodium stating 'In an effort to reduce sodium in food products, Starbucks is participating in two salt reduction initiatives, the New York City Health Department’s National Salt Reduction Initiative and the UK Food Standards Agency salt campaign". We did pick some low sodium options like the Cheese and Fruit Bistro Box with Strawberry and Blueberry Parfait. They don't have a lot of gluten free options, so our picks in that category were limited, but we did find some. Low Calorie options include the Tuna Salad Bistro Box, The Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box with fresh fruit and the Chipotle Chicken Wraps. Check out the rest of our Starbucks picks here.

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Cracker Barrel Added - No Foolin'

We had a request for Cracker Barrel from a frequent traveler on I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. With over 500 locations in the U.S. (except the west coast) it's a fairly common stop for long distance travelers. On a Sunday morning at most locations you'll wait for a table - which benefits their ol' timey country store. Our selections for Cracker Barrel are limited. Not necessarily because their food isn't good for you - but because they decide not to report their nutritional values. We have pieced together a few meals based on the information available. For breakfast we chose their Oatmeal with Banana topping - which fits all of our diets (1200 Calorie, low Carb, low sodium, vegetarian and gluten free - for GF people who partake in oats). We love their hash brown casserole and have it in a few breakfast picks - but for you strict vegetarians it isn't all veggie. Like a lot of southern cooking, it's made with animal fat. For lunch or dinner we picked some spicy grilled catfish with carrots and pinto beans for the 1200 Calorie, low carb, low sodium and gluten free picks. We also picked some chicken and dumplings and chicken tenders. Check out the rest of the Cracker Barrel picks here and keep those restaurant requests coming!

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Local add: Taco Mac for the ATLians

A request was made for an Atlanta local restaurant. Taco Mac was started here in ATL as a place to for chicken wings and Beer - a sports Bar. If you expected a Mexican Restaurant - you've got the wrong place! What you can get is an amazing selection of beer, some pretty decent Bar food and a great place to watch football. Taco Mac has expanded into North Carolina and Tennessee. If you're on a 1200 Calorie diet, you've probably written off hot wings. But we put in one pick for you: Baked wings and an Iceberg wedge Salad with FF Balsamic Vinaigrette (400 Calories and only 14 Carbs). They also have some pretty decent GF items like the Monterey Chicken Salad with Fresh Fruit and the Rocky Mountain Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Coleslaw. Do you have a local restaurant in your town that you would like us to review? Send us the name and we'll do the rest! See the rest of our Taco Mac picks here. Read more about how a Beer and Wing place got a name like Taco Mac here.

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Five Guys - A Birthday Wish Come True!

Today's my Husband's Birthday.. Happy Birthday Shane! Although he isn't trying to lose any weight - with as much cycling as he does it's amazing he can keep weight on - He does eat healthy. But he LOVES good food. When we travel, he tries all the local delicacies from salted dried cod to rabbit stew and everything in between. Growing up, his Dad was a butcher for a while and brought home meats like liver, tongue and one of his Amish favorites- scrapple. Oh wait, back to the good food part :) One of his favorite (and many people's favorite) "fast" food joints is Five Guys. This place has won so many awards, they can't keep count. The Burgers are good.. or as the Palm Beach Post has said "Where Burgers are Boss". I've received some feedback (push back?) about having fast food in Jeatwell. The concept of Jeatwell is to help people stay on their diet in the most realistic way. Although some people make a pledge to never eat fast food, some people cannot avoid it. It is hard to travel for work or pleasure and get by without it. For some little towns where I travel - they are the only "restaurants" there. Jeatwell is not suggesting or recommending that you eat fast food every day or even often. But if you do, we want to at least steer you in the right direction with your choices. As someone said to me yesterday... your best bet. So... yes, we did review Five Guys. And for the fans of the fries, I apologize, but, No- they didn't make it. The portions are just simply too BIG. They are enough for 4 people (and still have leftovers). But, we did pick a Little Bacon (that's right - i said bacon) cheese burger (NO BUN) with lettuce onion, and tomato for the 1200 Calorie diet. It's only 393 Calories and 627 mg sodium (also fits the low carb and low sodium - and gluten free diets). If you have room for more Calories in your diet, you can even add the bun. Check out the rest of the picks for Five Guys Here. Now, I have been called people's favorite Dietitian for saying things like I just did - so don't take it the wrong way and eat a Little Bacon Cheese Burger every day and hope to turn out like Subway's Jared! But as my wonderful husband likes to say "Everything in moderation, even moderation".

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Giving up Red Meat for Lent? Red Lobster just Added!

Whether you are giving up red meat for lent or just like seafood - we've added Red Lobster for you! We've added some low Calorie options like Grilled Tilapia with broccoli and rice pilaf and gluten free low Carb options like Steamed Maine Lobster with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

Many people have written to ask more about local and organic restaurants. While we can't say that Red Lobster is either of these (as they do get seafood from Norway and also get farmed fish) we can say that they do put a priority on sustainable fish. The claim to

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