Chipotle - An advocate!!! We heart you and your delicious food!

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The Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle
has some good food... but they are also advocates about the antibiotic use in farm animals! They may just have moved up in our list of mexi food joints!

In an article by Elise Viebeck, she tells how Chipotle has made the statement after the feds appealed a court order to ban certain drugs from farm feed. Chipotle spokesperson stated, "We’ve maintained that if you raise animals in ways that emphasize good animal husbandry and good care for the animals, the antibiotics just simply aren’t necessary."

Chipotle policy supports using "naturally raised" animals when sourcing meat. According to the chain's website, all pork served in its restaurants is from pigs raised outdoors, on a vegetarian diet, and without antibiotics. Chipotle's "ultimate goal" is to do the same for its beef and poultry, the site says.

So file this away for use when you are choosing a good mexican grill. We reviewed Chipotle's menu here.

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