December 2012

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Chipotle - An advocate!!! We heart you and your delicious food!

The Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle
has some good food... but they are also advocates about the antibiotic use in farm animals! They may just have moved up in our list of mexi food joints!

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The Best and Worst Appetizer Choices

Registered dietitian Jean Harvey-Berino ranks the healthiness of 10 popular appetizers.

Best: Hummus
An obvious choice, especially if it’s served with vegetables. Hummus is high in fiber, so it will also fill you up.
Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp are low in calories, and you usually eat them with nothing more than a bit of cocktail sauce.
Smoked Salmon
Ranked below shrimp simply because you are more likely to eat it on a piece of bread, possibly with cream cheese.
UOWB (Unidentified Object Wrapped in Bacon)